Best 3D Pen 2018 – Top 10 3D Printing Pens Reviewed

best 3d printing penI am sure you have heard of many 3D technologies and stuff, but have you heard of the 3D pen?

Let’s discuss this small but powerful piece of technology that is quickly winning the attention of many artists, hobbyists and even architectures. So, what is this 3D pen?

A 3D pen is basically a pen that uses plastic filaments instead of ink or graphite. For this reason, this pen feels bulkier than the ordinary pens and pencils that we know, but is it safe and efficient to use? Yes, this pen is very safe and easy to use, you hold and use it just like any other pen. Imagine you having the power to write and draw on air? That is what the 3D pen gives you! Just like other gadgets, these pens come with small differences and uniqueness. I have spent enough time with these pens to make sure I prepare you a brilliant list for you to find the best 3D Pen 2018.

How 3D pen works?

You remember the laminating machine? The same technology is used here but at a different angle, after you have attached the plastic to the pen, you will need to wait for a few seconds for the pen to get ready for printing, in most pens, it is usually 5-10sec.

These pens will always have indicator lights to guide you through the process. Once you start printing, the pen releases the plastic inform of a flexible and stiff thread that gets stiffer when exposed to air enabling it to maintain the intended shape. Before we go ahead and discuss the 10 best 3D pens 2018, let me clarify that these devices are not in any way associated with 3D printers.

Top 10 Best 3D Pen 2018

3D Pen LCD Display Dimensions Weight Price
3dSimo Mini Yes 163 x 36 x 22 mm 40 grams Check Price
3Doodler Create 3D Pen No 7.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches 130 grams Check Price
MYNT3D 3D Printing Pen Yes unspecified 40 grams Check Price
7TECH 3D Pen Yes 7.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches 65 grams Check Price
Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3 Yes 6 x 2 x 4 inches 67 grams Check Price
KUMAN 100B 3D Pen Yes unspecified unspecified Check Price
Soyan 3D Printing Pen No 1.2 x 7.4 x 1.7 inches 65 grams Check Price
Lay3r 3D Pen No 5 x 1 x 1.2 inches unspecified Check Price
SketchPro 3D Drawing pen Yes 8.5 x 5.3 x 2.7 inches 50 grams Check Price
Glyby Intelligent 3D Pen No 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches 68 grams Check Price

1. 3dSimo Mini

3d simo printing penNumber one in our list is the 3dSimo Mini, it is the only 3D pen that features a mobile App and modules. This powerful tool that can be used for several purposes, with basic functions like 3D drawing, soldering, cutting, and burning. To handle all these operations, each adapter has been equipped with automatic detection and configurations. This also means that there are no special instructions and everyone can use the pen.

For you to explore full capabilities of the pen, just connect it to your mobile device via the Bluetooth module and enjoy the many templates and tutorials in the app. What I like most about the pen is that it has been fitted with a display screen where you will find the basic profiles.


Engineers have taken enough time to ensure the pen’s design is stunning and creates a conducive environment for everyone using the pen. Handling the pen feels comfortable and gives you an accurate print.


As we had said earlier, the 3dSimo has been equipped with a lot of features that makes it more than a 3Dprinting pen. These features include:

Burning – You may at some point need to redesign something or decorate a hard surface like leather and so on. This pen offers you the ability to burn and change the shape 3D models.

Soldering – I am certain that at some point you are required to solder one or two things. You don’t have to purchase a soldering station when the 3Dsimo can heat an attached tip up to 4800C in 10 seconds.

Foam cutting – You won’t believe this, the 3Dsimo gives you the power to cut through soft foam, plastic, polystyrene, and even plexiglass. Being able to cut through these materials enables to create RC models of the desired objects.

Wood, metallic and paper stick – This pen is designed to extrude filament that can easily stick on wood, metal and paper.

Well-engineered nozzle – We all hate cheap 3D pens that extrude filament in a nasty way no matter how much you try to regulate the speed. This results in poor designed and bogus 3D object. For this reason, its nozzle has been designed to extrude filament in a good way free from clogging.

The operation of the pen is wonderful, since the heated plastic that it extrudes cools instantly, allowing you to draw gently and freestyle without any problem. For this reason, it becomes a favorite for many crafters, hobbyists, artists and other professionals.
  • An excellent design that is enjoyable to handle
  • Added features i.e. cutting soldering
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Includes a mobile App
  • It is budget friendly

  • Built in quality is not that good, can suffer from damages is mishandled
  • Learning to make curves can be a bit challenging to newcomers

2. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

3doodler 3d printing penHere is another great 3D printing pen that will absolutely make you customize your budget. Being a 3Doodler fun, I don’t think you will escape this.

It is a leading pen in the 3D world. So, let us now explore much about this pen, but before that, have in mind that this pen comes with 50 plastic strands and of course there is no color that has been left out among these strands.


Have you held a 3D printing pen and felt as if you are holding a cooking stick? Now say goodbye to that, the design of the 3Doodler has been upgraded to give you a better, slimmer and lighter feel. To achieve this, the pen comes with a rectangular shape which also makes sure that the pen does not slip off your fingers and pressing the controls becomes a piece of pawpaw on a spoon.


This being the latest model of 3D pen from Doodler, we expect added features and a variety of capabilities. These features include:

Temperature and speed controls – This has been a challenge in many 3D pens, having control of temperature and speed at which the pen emits filament. Doodler gives you this privilege and you don’t have to be forced to work under the pens speed and temperature anymore. Thanks to 3Doodler Create 3D pen.

Intuitive and simplified controls – Working with this pen feels good and relaxed. Its simplified and intuitive controls which are inform of buttons will always make using this pen fun and easy.

Light indicator – Knowing what is happening when using a gadget makes you more patient and vigilant to what you are doing. This pen includes a light bar that indicates whether the device is on or off.

Variety of plastics – Having a variety of plastics offers a sharp edge when making your creations. This pen allows you to use the different types of these plastics like clear, glossy, matte, sparkle and flexy plastics. You are now beginning to see the power of this pen.

Advanced drive system – Many people have been having trouble with the 3D pens’ drive systems, with the 3Doodler pen, there is no longer any trouble. It has a very efficient drive system with no hiccups and that offers a reliable and smooth operation.

  • Wide variety of filament styles and colors
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Slim rectangular design for easier handle
  • Heat settings, PLA and ABS
  • One year warranty
  • Tutorials and project plans available on the company’s website

  • Slightly expensive
  • The pen can jam the filament
  • There have been several complains about the pen suddenly stops working


MYNT3D 3D PenIt is obviously true that all of us here are looking for a swift, reliable, and obviously, an eye-catching 3D pen with impressing features to quench your 3D printing thirst. I am certain that this MYNT3D is the pen that one of us here is hunting, watch out it could be you!


Just like our number one and two, it also comes with a rectangular body, but its ultra-slim design makes its more remarkable. As a result, it becomes more light and easier to handle. Apart from the design, its controls have been carefully placed within reach making sure you do not struggle using the pen. Imagine what you can do with such a great design: paint, sketch, doodle 3D objects among others.


OLED display screen – It features an OLED display screen that provides you an interface of monitoring the pen’s temperature.

Speed control – This feature allows you to regulate the filament flow while drawing, such that your speed favors your draw. With this, you are able to color large areas at high speed and slow speed for that accurate and intricate print.

Replaceable modular nozzle – The nozzle is a sensitive component of the 3D pen and that can render the pen useless if not well managed. For instant, a temperature blunder is capable of clogging your nozzle. To keep this problem away, the MYNT3D 3D pen has a replaceable nozzle that can easily be removed and replaced of cleaned. Is that not a good deal?

Adjustable temperature – Some of the 3D pens are accused of high or low filament temperatures that makes it difficult to use the pens efficiently. With the temperature adjustment controls, this pen has been isolated from such accusations.

Portable Power source  – As we all know, 3D pens need power to operate and most of the time the power source is always a DC adapter connected to a power output. However, the MYNT3D 3D pen can be USB powered, this means you can power it using any USB ports with an at least 2.0A output. This feature allows you to use the pen outdoors!

Accommodates any thermoplastic – This pen gives you the power to use any thermoplastic filaments as long as it melts between 130-2400C and is 1.75mm thick.

  • Slim impressive design
  • Equipped with a modular nozzle
  • USB port powered
  • Accommodates different materials: ABS, PLA
  • Fitted with a large OLED display screen

  • Its extrusion might be slow to advanced users
  • Slightly noisy when in action

4. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

7TECH 3D Printing PenThis another great and high-quality product that is worth fitting in our list of the 10 best 3D printing pens 2018. This pen grabbed my attention after realizing its features and good reviews from customers. Let’s look at what makes it fit in our list.


If you have seen the Kuman 100B and the Soyan 3D (which have been discussed later in this article), then this design is not unique to you. These three pens share the same looks and design which makes it difficult to differentiate the two in a glimpse. Looking at it can give you a bulky expectation but the pen is not that bulky as it looks.

The pen fits perfectly between your fingers and with most of the 3D pens featuring this design, you can tell a great deal about it.


Speed control – 7TECH allows you to control speed when necessary, all you need to do is slide the control up to increase the speed and slide down to reduce the speed.

Advanced technology – The advanced technology used in this pen is the great weapon against clogging and jamming. This assures less maintenance over a long period of use.

Adjustable Temperature – Being able to adjust the temperature of a 3D pen is important since you will be using it against different surfaces like metal, wood, glass and paper. These materials require varying temperatures, for example, metal surfaces will require higher temperatures for easier stick while paper requires low temperatures not to be cut through.

LCD Display Screen – Since this pen has been designed to work using different materials like PLA and ABS, it is important to know the temperatures at which you are operating. For this reason, 7TECH is equipped with an LCD display screen that displays the operating temperature. This saves you from guesswork!

  • Fits perfectly between fingers offering a comfortable hold
  • Equipped with advanced technology
  • Budget friendly
  • Comes with a stencil eBook
  • Warranty and support included

  • Its lifespan is not that long
  • Some of its features might fail to work

On an overall view, this pen is designed as a user-friendly product for children above the age of 8. Purchasing this pen is not a bad idea.

5. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3We are still looking for a safe and guaranteed product, do you agree? Of course, you don’t want to waste our hardly earned dollars purchasing a defective product that will leave you complaining. The Scribbler 3D pen is an upgraded version of the Scribbler pen. Being a second version in the market, its features and even look have been updated. Having that in mind, let’s find more details about this pen.


Most probably, the incredible design of the Scribbler V3 will be the first thing you notice about this pen. In addition to the design, it has a stunning build quality and shape that makes using this pen a great experience. This 3D pen is available in 8 different colors: blue, green, red, purple, yellow and white.


Light-weight – We found the Scribbler 3D to be extremely light-weight compared to other 3D printing pens. This enables you to work freely and for a long time with the pen.

Simplified control – Scribbler has made sure that using this pen is easy and convenient. This includes changing the filaments and general operation of the pen.

Display screen – With the built in OLED-display screen, you are able to monitor all the operations including temperature!

Removable nozzle – The pen features a removable nozzle that makes it easy when cleaning. This nozzle is made of ceramic which assures quality and easy removal of clogged filament.

Adjustable temperature – The scribbler V3 also accommodates ABS and PLA plastics. For this reason, there comes a need of adjusting the operating temperatures.

Includes heat resistance parts – The heating element of the pen is shielded with metal resistant materials that ensure the temperatures does not spread to rest of the body.

  • Lightweight (have no metal parts)
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Can be used on almost all surfaces
  • Great OLED-display

  • To be honest, the Scribbler 3D pen passed 95% of our tests having no major downside but it was unforgiving to guys who are used to the traditional ways of drawing

The Scribbler being packed with a lot of amazing features, spending $89 on it is absolutely a great idea.

6. KUMAN 100B 3D Pen

KUMAN 100B 3D PenStill focused on our heading; best 3D pen 2018, the Kuman 100B secures itself the sixth position in our list. Its great deal in user support and warranty will blindfold you to purchasing it. This pen concludes the hustle of some of us. Let’s find out why.


As we had said earlier, its design is familiar to that one of the Soyan and 7TECH. Its round design makes it feel a little bit bulky to new users. On the other hand, the design is easily adaptable since the pen fits comfortably in the hand.


Smart technology – This pen is equipped with the latest technology that makes it an intelligent pen. What do I mean? The pen automatically switches to standby mode if it stays idle for 5 minutes, this reduces jamming and clogging. Apart from that, the pen features a thermal design (the heating element does not conduct heat to the outside casing) and filament jam detection.

Adjustable temperature – We have already realized how important it is to adjust the temperature of a 3D pen. However, Kuman did not miss this one out.

Silent operation – Personally, I liked how this pen was operating, everything was silent. A silent operation also confirms an easy and swift process.

Accompanied with Freebies – This pen comes with a free palette knife, painting shovel, and a 3D stencil EBook to help you get started. Therefore, the device becomes a good starting point for all ages.

To add on the above features, we found Kuman’s customer support very friendly. This company also have representatives who are very willing to replace your pen or process a refund in case of any unexpected failure.
  • Armed with advanced technology for unclogging and jam detection
  • Awesome control buttons
  • Fairly priced
  • 1-year warranty
  • Features an LCD for easy monitoring
  • Friendly customer support

  • Slow filament extrusion
  • The pen can still experience filament jam
  • There are few reported cases whereby the pen stops working for no reason

The Kuman 100B makes your 3D creativity to have no limits.

7. Soyan 3D Printing Pen

Soyan 3D PenHere is another quality brand that is worth checking out. The Soyan 3D. This pen offers a competitive and economical print that will definitely help you release the best of your 3D doodler.


It has a similar design to Kuman in terms of appearance. However, it lacks the display screen that Kuman poses. Design wise, the pen is simple to handle and use thus drawing using this pen in any way, either circular, horizontally or vertically becomes a breeze. Soyan is one of the most reliable and cheap 3D pens that you can buy today. Here are some of the things that make it fit in our list.


Light indicators – Although the Soyan has been denied an LCD display, it features LED light indicators that show you the state of the pen. For example, the green light shows that the pen is ready for use.

Speed control – The product comprises a speed control that enables you to govern the extrusion speed. With this feature, you can use the pen at any speed you want.

Adjustable temperatures – Just like the above-discussed pens, Soyan features temperature adjustment controls that regulate the temperature between 160-250 degrees.

Intelligent standby – The pen has the ability to switch to standby mode after detecting inactivity. This usually happens after the inactivity has prolonged for 5 minutes.

Well-designed nozzle cartridge – Soyan engineers know that the 3D pens’ nozzles, to keep this problem away, they carefully designed this pen’s nozzle making sure that the filament only cools when outside the cartridge. Thanks to Soyan for such an incredible 3D pen.

Quick start guide – Soyan has catered for the beginners and children too. To make sure they experience an easy time with the pen, the Soyan comes with a complete start guide that will take you through the starting process.

  • Light-weight
  • Standby function
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Its fast cool technology makes it accurate with no blurredness
  • Affordable

  • Short power cord
  • Several reported cases that the pen stops working after about 10 minutes of use

Its package includes Soyan 3D printing pen, power adopter, 30g ABS filament and the quick start guide. It’s one of the cheapest 3D pens in the market, going for $40. This product makes a perfect kit for beginners or kids who want to grow their 3D creativity.

8. Lay3r 3D Pen

Lay3r 3D PenNext on our list is the Lay3r. Just like the other 3D pens, the Lay3r gives you the power to doodler anything that you have in mind. Its new and unique design is impressing many users and for sure it is quickly gaining popularity. Let us discover much about this pen.


The Lay3r has beaten all the 3D printing pens in terms of design. This is because it has a totally unique shape which makes sure the pen’s weight is balanced. The pen looks huge and bulky but surprisingly, it is light-weight and very manageable, in fact, you don’t feel its size once you start using it. Below are some of the features that make this pen a great weapon in 3D printing.


Auto shut down – This feature enables the pen to shut down after some few minutes of inactivity. Apart from just saving your pen from damage risks, it is also a safety precaution.

Cooling fan – The Lay3r includes a cooling fun on board that ensures temperatures are regulated. This feature allows you to use the pen for longer periods of time without any hiccups.

Great support – This pen introduces you to a massive community with a great website where you can find lots of chat rooms and video tutorials.

Warranty – Purchasing something online without a guarantee can be tricky. For your assurance, this pen comes with a 12 months warranty.

Friendly Customer Support – Lay3r have a great customer support with timely responses and that is much willing to help you.

  • High-quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Have interesting and useful features
  • 12 months Warranty
  • Great customer support

  • Relatively bigger size as compared to the top pens
  • There are several reported cases of defective items

As we had mentioned earlier, this pen is very manageable and easy to use. For this reason, it is suitable for everyone including children as young as 12 years old. Beginners and also experts comfortably use this pen without any struggle. To get you started, its package includes 3-spool of filament; blue, black and white. This can make your best 3D pen 2018!

9. SketchPro 3D Drawing pen

SketchPro 3D Drawing penEach of us into 3D drawing, here is a pen that will immerse you deeper into 3D doodling and help you unleash your creativity, The SketchPro. This pen has been carefully manufactured to meet all of our expectations, and that is also the reason why I have included it in our list.


For easy holding and use, the pen has been equipped with a slim design that will definitely impress you. What I liked most about the pen is how it fits perfectly in the hand allowing you to maneuver freely and comfortably. Its design looks similar to that one of the Scribbler V3 and you can easily confuse the two if you don’t get a closer look. With that in mind, let us now learn why this made it to our list.


Large LED screen – This screen feeds you with all information concerning the pen.

Automatic shut down – If the pen detects no activity for 90 seconds, it automatically shuts down. This guarantees your safety as well as the pens welfare.

Cleaning function – This a feature that most of the 3D pens are lacking. For those who are scared of the cleaning process, it has been simplified by 90%. With this feature, even kids can clean the pen in case of any clogging.

Speed control feature – The Sketchpro includes the speed control feature that lets you manage the filament extrusion speed.

Temperature adjustment – This another important feature that we find in the SketchPro that allows you to use the pen on different surfaces.

User-friendly – We found the pen to be very user-friendly such that the beginners had a really good time using it.

  • Quick heat up time
  • Relatively large LED display screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Automatic shut off
  • Equipped with the quick cleaning feature
  • Easy to use and change filament
  • Digital speed and temperature control

  • Its longevity is not that high

To add on the above features, the pen comes with free eBook that includes over 100 stencils to take you through the 3D world, from beginner to expert. SketchPro 3D Drawing pen is among the competitive pens in the market today. It is a quality product offering high performance. If you need a tool to help you progress in the arts of 3D, you got the SketchPro. Most of the users who have purchased this product have rated a 5 star. With just $68.88 you have the power to create awesome 3D objects using this pen.

10. Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing PenWhat we are all looking for is a pen that will give you piece of mind when you are doing your drawing. With the previously discussed pens, you must be having one in mind, right? Let’s discuss the Glyby Intelligent 3D pen and see whether you will change your mind.


It comes with a round design that progressively gets slimmer towards the bottom. It is designed with an improved shape that is not too fat or slim. Thanks to its ergonomic design that makes it feel right on hand. Its controls and LCD are in place and within reach to give you an effortless use of the pen.


Not forgetting performance and quality, the following features makes this device a great value for money.

Standby function – This is an intelligent function that is responsible for temporarily shutting down the pen after 5 minutes of inactivity. This means that the heating element stops heating and as a result, there are no risks associated with forgetting to switch off the pen.

Adjustable temperature – High temperatures can be irritating if used for the wrong purpose while low temperatures cannot only be irritating but can cause filament clogging at the nozzle. For this reason, the Glyby has been equipped with temperature controls that allow you to adjust the temperatures.

Speed control – With the power to control the speed of filament extrusion combined with the appropriate temperature, you will definitely achieve a smooth and desirable operation.

Wire feeding and unloading button – This a jaw falling feature of the Glyby that we have not experienced from the previously-discussed 3D pen. With this feature, you no longer have to struggle fixing or unloading your filament. With just a press of a button, your fix or unload is complete.

Warranty – A product that comes with a guarantee not only gives you confidence in purchasing the product but also assures you of quality. To make sure these are in place, this pen comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and an 18 months warranty. This also confirms a good and willing customer care support.

  • Feels comfortable while using
  • Easy to operate
  • Equipped with Intelligent standby function
  • Incredible after sale guarantee
  • Temperature and speed control

  • Most of the tests we carried on the pen were passed with flying colors. However, there are few reported cases of non-functioning products being delivered


Okay, we have discussed a long list of the best 3D pens to purchase in 2018 and I believe with such tons of information, you are now having no trouble choosing your best 3D Pen that will perfectly match your 3D creativity. 3D creativity has never been such cheap and fun. Before, 3D objects were expensive and difficult to establish.

Thanks to the 3D pen technology, it has saved us from the use of wires and bids. The 3D pen is an incredible tool for recreational purposes and also helps you take your creativity to the next level. Where were these 3D pens when I struggled to craft a 3D object using bids?

Why is 3D pen perfect present for your kid?

Many parents find it hard when it comes to selecting the best gift they can present to their kids. One of the best gifts you can buy for your son or daughter is a 3D pen. 3D technology has been more popular in the modern world. Today, this form of technology has become part and parcel of our daily lives. A 3D pen comes with many advantages. Some of the benefits of these pens include but not limited to the following.

Best 3D Pens for Kids

Effective when used to draw with plastic

If your kids love drawing then a 3D pen can be among the best gifts you can present to her or him. With a 3D pen, your kid can draw on different materials including plastic. These pens can enable your child to take his or her drawing skills to the next level with ease. The pens can work on different shapes and surfaces when it comes to drawing. This is among the reasons that have made these pens among the most sought after types out there.

Ease to use

It takes a little practice for your kid to learn drawing different shapes using a 3D pen. Unlike other types of pens you will come across while looking for one, these pens are easy to apply in the field of art. In addition, they allow the kids to repair as well as modify other 3D printing materials.

Fun to use

Kids want something that is fun to use. 3D pens are fun to own. The look of these pens will make the kids to fall in love with them even more. The fun that comes with these pens will make your child to become better in the art of drawing.

In summary, 3D pens are very common among children. Kids love these pens because they are easy to use. Furthermore, they can be used on different materials including plastic. Buying your child a 3D pen is one of the best decisions you can make.

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