Best AR 15 Scope 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

With many people using the rifle for hunting there are many different AR-15 scopes in the market. We bring you list of best AR 15 Scope reviewed.

Best AR 15 ScopesAR 15 has come a long way from being military rifles to now being used for other activities such as deer hunting. This American made gun has become the most popular gun in many homes. Many would assume AR means ‘assault rifle’ but actually it is the abbreviation for ‘automatic riffle.’

Always take your time deciding on which to purchase. Search online for the different features on a scope and look for the one that suit you. There are thousands of AR-15-scope available some with similar features others with major differences, but whatever scope you choose always consider the purpose your using it for and the environment. You can’t lack a suitable what you need especially with enough research.

Below is a compilation of some of the best AR 15 scope with reviews showing their different features to help you choose the best product. They are made by different companies but hopefully you will get to understand them better.

Best AR 15 Scope comparison chart

AR 15 Scopes Price Range Magnification Weight Price
Nikon SF Matte M-223 $$$$ 3-12x 6.1 ounces Check Price
Bushnell Optics BTR-1 $$$ 1-4x 17.3 oz Check Price
Vortex Strike Eagle $$$$ 1-6x 17.6 ounces Check Price
Nikon P-223 Rapid Action $$$ 4-12x 1.1 pounds Check Price
Bushnell Drop Zone 223 $$ 3-12x 21.3 oz Check Price
UTG Hunter Scope $ 3-12x 1.3 pounds Check Price
Simmons 8-Point $ 3-9x 13.2-ounce Check Price
Aimpoint PRO Patrol $$$$$ 1x 11,6 oz Check Price
Vortex StrikeFire II $$ 1x 7.2 ounces Check Price
BARSKA IR Contour $ 3-9x 16 oz. Check Price

Factors to consider when buying a riflescope

What is your target

If you are shooting objects such cans or trees always go for the scope with a wide view form a shorter range. If your target is always moving as you aim then get a riflescope with a red dot to keep track of what your shooting. But if your used to shooting form a far range always consider getting a scope with a high magnification but this will mean your field of view is reduced.

Size of the lens

Considering the environment your shooting at regularly to be able to get size of lens you need. The larger the lens the more light that is let into your eyes. So if you want enough brightness then get a large lens for better clear views. But with large lens comes high magnification for your scope. Also it is heavier so consider the rifle you are using whether it is a good size for it to maintain the balance.

Type of reticle

Scopes have different types of reticles patterns, always go for the one that fits you. Some have just a dot while others are in grid form. The duplex reticle has a focus on the center of the scope while the outer bars have low light. This is the excellent for hunting. Mildot reticle the dots are measured to have some distance on the line, this helps to estimate the targets range. This is very effective if your shooting for above 300 yards.

Parallax effect

Parallax is the when the reticle appears to change position as the rifle is moved just a bit. Hence the scope is not able to focus on the target. Scopes with low magnification have reduced parallax since the slight movement does not matter as compared to high magnification of mostly above 12X. But these high magnification scopes come with a parallax correction button. So consider what you prefer the best to deal with parallax.


Scopes differ with prices. As the price reduces so does the features capability mostly, long range scopes are more expensive. However, you can still get some decent scopes at a budgeted cost all that matters is the research you do on the features and prices. Read the reviews made online they will help you a great deal to choose.


As we have seen magnification affects different issues such as the field of view. So always consider at what distance your target is usually at before deciding on the power magnification you will get.

Why you should use scopes

Scopes enables one to make accurate shots especially from a distance. Accuracy also helps one save on the bullets used in addition saving you some money. They always provide a wider range of target since you can aim further as compared to a person without.This also helps in preventing accidents that can be made from longer distances. Instead of guessing the yards, the scope does the calculation and hence determine how you should shoot.
So if your a hunter or do a lot of shooting then using a scope is highly encouraged as the advantages are in plenty. But always take caution when using the rifles and make sure you get clear vision of what your shooting not to mistake it.

Best AR 15 Scopes

Nikon SF Matte M-223 3-12x42mm Riflescope

Nikon SF Matte RiflescopeThis AR-15 scope has awesome optics that enable power range for shooting activities such as big game hunting. The features as explained below are perfect for long range shooting.
The Nikon scope is great with accuracy at whatever distance you may be from a range of about a 100 yards to 600 yards. It has a wide wide area of view together with side focus. This makes it one of the most unique scope among its competitors with others not offering such a view of focus. To reduce the weight that some scopes add on your rifle the Nikon M-223 has one main body this also maximizes its strength. For that clear view the scope is fogproof and waterproof for the outer lens. To add to its durability it’s shockproof resisting any force when dropped hence reducing breakage. This makes it one of the most long lasting riflescope out there on the market. It has a matte finish to it too. Retailing at about five hundred dollars.

Bushnell Optics  BTR-1 BDC Reticle-223 Riflescope

Bushnell Optics Reticle 223This is another riflescope known for its assistance in long range shooting capability. Bushnell is a common term known for optics and the Bushnell optics do not disappoint.
The field of view on this scope is amazing with shooting range range of up to 500 yards enabled. It can also be used in a low light environment giving clear views for the shooter. The optics as stated above are awesome with HD quality views.The lenses are multi coated to give clear views and brightness. For that quick power change of the field of view, the Bushnell comes with a throw down power change lever(PLC). The inside of the scope is well protected being made with quality materials of aluminium alloy to give it strength with an anodize finishing. It costs around two hundred and twenty dollars on Amazon.

Vortex Strike Eagle

Vortex Strike EagleThe power of Vortex is the low end view and how you can easily and quickly change its power to a magnification of upto 6X. For that hunting trip the Vortex Optics is what you need.
The power range on this scope is amazing about 100 yards to further more imagine the capability on it combining with the clear views. For the lenses they are multi-coated giving it good clarity. It is waterproof and fogproof to help it work in humid conditions, being shockproof too for that durability.The reticle is also durable due to the protection of the two glass layers. Another plus for the Vortex Strike Eagle is ability to work in low light environment. For strength aluminium has been used as the material of choice.

Nikon P-223 Rapid Action

Nikon P-223 Rapid ActionLike all the Nikon scopes this riflescope does not disappoint. The features are incredible to enable shooting from long ranges.
The reticle on the scopes enables a view of range between 100 yards to 600 yards. It has a high resolution with multi coated surface getting the brightness you need to work during day or night, the layers also prevent reflection with the glass areas. Reticle can be adjusted giving a click sound enabling you to set quickly, it can also enable repeated recoil. For the lenses they are filled with nitrogen gas for maximum durability. With fogproof and waterproof features it can work in rough conditions.

Bushnell Drop Zone 223

Bushnell Drop Zone 223People who have experience with hunting surely must know the Bushnell company, well know for producing fine optic gadgets such as this scope proves to be.
This scope enables quick adjustments easily. Hence the target turrets are made expertly.It is designed for close range aiming ,with a range of about a 100 yards. The optics are multi coated to enable brightness in any lighting conditions. The strong aluminium alloy makes sure the 223 Bushnell is among the strongest scopes available. Together with an anodize finish and beautiful design that is scratch proof enables it to maintain its durability.

UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope

UTG Hunter ScopeDesigned for predator hunting and fast paced animals. All the needs you may require for shooting is available on the UTG.
The UTG is the true definition of strength in every way. With being shockproof too lenses are coated to give the best clear view for the scope. For their durability the lenses are completely protected with nitrogen gas. A memory capability is incorporated such that the target turret is able to go back to the originally set brightness mode. Reticle is made with 36 different colors that enable the scope to work in low light areas. Small adjustments can be easily made on the scope. For harsh conditions it is fogproof and waterproof.

Simmons 8-Point Rifle Scope

Simmons 8 Point Rifle ScopeFor its price the Simmons 8-points deserves its place as the best riflescope out there. The features are among the best on any scope available. Certainly it is recommended for anyone on a budget.
It gives you the best grip due to its rubber surface hence shooting with it is made easier. The lens is about 30mm well coated to provide the best clarity for shooting in any condition. Optical glass on it is also fully coated for the right brightness, you will get the best quality view. Making shooting with it very accurate. With a field range of up to a 100 yard. The magnification may not be as much as the above scopes but for the price it comes at it for about fifty dollars surely is the best.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle OpticThis is a pocket friendly, long serving rifle optic. With the assurance of long lasting battery life of about 3 years.
The Aimpoint PRO comes with an angle red dot that goes for 2 minutes enabling accuracy when shooting at any distance. With the front lens open you can add an anti reflective device to give a more clear view. It has flips also that keep the lenses clean.The rear flip is transparent therefore in an emergency you an quickly get it working. The front lens comes with a coating that allows it to be used with night vision equipment. The Aimpoint is waterproof up to 150 feet. For durability it is made with an aluminium alloy with an anodized finish.

Vortex Optics StrikeFire II Red Spot

Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2For those shooters who want the best accurate targets from a scope at an affordable price then they should get the Vortex red/green dot scope.
From the name the Vortex Optics has a red/green dot that allows for accurate aiming at your target. The Strikefire II enables you to get a second split target point by allowing you to shoot with both eyes open. It has an auto power shutdown after 12 hours, this helps in saving the battery life. The battery is long lasting with up to 6,000 hours in minimum brightness. O-ring protects the lens from elements such as dust and water. The aluminium alloy that encloses the scope enables maximum strength. It is also fogproof.

BARSKA 3-9×42 IR Contour Riflescope

BARSKA Contour RiflescopeThe Barska Riflescope is a good price device capable for being used for high recoil weapons. It has low magnification hence easy to the eyes.
As the name suggests the Barska has magnification of 3-9X. It is highly durable as it is shockproof, it is able to work in different conditions with it being waterproof and fogproof. You are able to adjust brightness to the conditions you are working with. It has optical coating that gives clear views for the shooter. The scope is one tube that enables it to be strong, and finally a black matte finish.

Those are some most notable scopes out there you can get depending on your budget. They may differ or have similarities in some way. But you cannot lack the best type of scope you want according to your specifications.

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