Best BBCOR Bats 2018 – Top 10 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

 best bbcor bats 2018Well, baseball is one of the dearly loved and played sports in US. However, standing ready in the batter’s box needs you to hold something better than an ordinary bat.

Remember, points are earned each time you hit the thrown baseball. And how can you be good in this hit? Don’t despair I got the secret just right here. Okay, for you to have that accurate swing, you need a perfect bat. The definition of this perfect bat is one that is light-weight, has little vibration, great swing control and powerful. A bat like this will definitely be a BBCOR bat! And where can you find this bat? Don’t worry, such a bat is just a few scrolls away. For baseball players and lovers, I made a buying guide to help discover the best BBCOR bats 2018. Enjoy!

Why BBCOR bats?

Before we proceed to our list, let us understand the reason as to why you should definitely upgrade to a BBCOR bat.

You will definitely agree with me when I say, composite baseball bats are usually very hard with a lot of stinging when brand new. In addition, their sweet spot is small and performance is low, this is until when they are broken in. To minimize this, research has been done to create strong bats with less stinging effect and easy to break in. These are the BBCOR bats. In order to achieve this, the bat must be carefully made using alloy material. These bats are more durable and are rarely affected by weather.

Top 10 best bbcor bats

3D Pen Rating Material Price Range Price
Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 Composite $$$$ Check Price
DeMarini CF Zen Composite $$$$ Check Price
2017 Combat Maxum Composite $$-$$$ Check Price
Marucci Cat7 Aluminum $$$ Check Price
Rawlings Velo Hybrid Aluminum $$$ Check Price
Easton BB17ZSW Z-CORE Aluminum $$ Check Price
DeMarini Voodoo Insane Half and Half $$$ Check Price
2017 Combat Vigor Composite $ Check Price
2017 Anderson Flex Aluminum $$ Check Price
Marucci Cat6 Aluminum $$ Check Price

1. Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Bat

Easton BB17MK Mako BBCOR BatGreat for 2018! The Easton MAKO Beast is the latest version of the baseball bat from Easton. Its composite barrel is the longest and most powerful the Easton has ever made. In all the 2018 Easton bats, this BEAST is the only one that has combined the game’s fastest swing speed with the longest two-piece composite barrel.

The balance of your swing has been checked too by the low swing index. This lengthy barrel has been connected to a 31/32 inch composite handle using the two-piece connextion technology which eliminates sting and maximizes energy transfer. This gives you an improved comfort and feel when handling the bat.


• Evenly balanced swing weight

• -3 length to weight ratio

• 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter

• Two-piece composite construction

• Lowest swing weight

• Extremely low MOI

• BBCOR certified

• Composite handle, 31/32 inch

• Extended barrel

• Hyperskin grip

• ConneXtion Technology

• TCT Thermo Composite Technology

  • The bat has a great feel in your hands
  • Smooth swing
  • Little vibration
  • Awesome look

  • So far we have found no shortcoming in this bat


2. DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat

DeMarini CF ZenDo you need a bat with a strong composite barrel that is ready for powerful hitting and does not need any break-in period?

Well, the DeMarini CF Zen will make the right choice for you. Just like the other BBCOR bats, it is entirely constructed from composite material. It is designed to give you a remarkable large sweet spot and lets you hit the incoming baseball more accurately.

Apart from the accurate hit, holding the bat also feels more comfortable and confident. The feel of the bat is amazing with an incredible balance so that when you swing it on the plate, you have full control of its speed and target. DeMarini’s D-Fusion 2.0 material has been used to create the bat’s handle that ensures any response from the barrel is reflected back. As a result, your hands does not experience any shocks or vibrations.


Two-piece construction

Balanced swing weight – From all the experiments we made with this bat, we recognized a balanced and light swing. With this feature, we were able to achieve a perfect control of the bat and an accurate hit.

Advanced bat break in treatment – Breaking in any of your composite bats might be a mystery, this is because it demands so many hits. The DeMarini CF Zen has been equipped with an advanced break in treatment which includes heating and stretching the carbon fiber all the way round, up and down. This treatment does not damage your bat in any way and neither does it void the manufacturer’s warranty.

D-Fusion 2.0 handle – This handle has been made with a special material that does not absorb any shock from the barrel but reflects it back. With this feature, you can never complain of any sting.

DeMarini 100% Composite barrel – The 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter of the DeMarini CF Zen is the great deal here, it is where the advanced treatment has been implemented, meaning its barrel does not need any break-in period!

  • Balanced swing weight
  • Two-piece construction
  • Low Pro End Cap
  • BBCOR certified

  • Honestly, we din’t find anything to shout about the DeMarini CF Zen

The DeMarini CF Zen is BBCOR certified and among the best two-piece BBCOR bats you can buy today. Also, this bat comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Do yourself a favor of purchasing this bat and experience a stunning bomb hit on the baseball.


3. 2018 Combat Maxum BBCOR Bat

combat maxum bbcor batHere is a rifle from Combat that is unforgiving to the baseball. The 2018 Combat Maxum.

This also a very new and different model of bats in the market, and perhaps it will make your ultimate choice this year. What makes it different from the others is the fact that it has been entirely constructed in a one-piece design. The one-piece design means your swing momentum is not divided and nearly all of it will be applied to the incoming baseball. Nevertheless, this one-piece design has been made from a composite material. Having this in mind, you can comfortably conclude that it can make a good choice for power hitters.


One-piece construction – This fully one-piece composite design includes a carbon fiber sleeve incorporated with the Precision Molding technology. As a result, we get a bat with uniform strength free from seams, weak points, and dead points.

38% swing weight reduction – Combat has continued to push the swing weights of bats to new heights. It boasts of a 38% reduction in ordinary swing weight. This is the lowest swing weight allowable by BBCOR.

Desirable 2 5/8 Barrel – This combat has a massive barrel that offers a relatively large sweet spot. The barrel is light enough to give you a balanced swing. To add on that, the bat has tons of pop!

Reinforced Precision Molding technology – In order to create a seamless bat with great and consistent strength, combat has reinforced Precision Molding technology in the bat.

Vibration resistant – In all the swings we have taken, the grip feel great and no one has complained of any vibrations.

  • Massive barrel with tons of pop
  • No vibrations
  • Excellent grip
  • Awesome look
  • Large sweet spot
  • 12-month warranty

  • The bat feels a little bit bulky. I’d recommend it for stronger players

Just like its name, “combat” it will not let you down in vigorous games and dynamic hits. It’s one of the best BBCOR baseball bats that power hitters can use to make smashing shots.


4. Marucci Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

marucci cat7 bbcor batAll of us here are looking for a bat that will drop some big bombs in the game and most probably earn you more points than before.

Cat7 from the Marucci model not only has an awesome look but also comes with AZ4X alloy material construction. It is similar to the previous cat5 and cat6, only that its power has been boosted. Its barrel has been made to be more responsive upon contact with the baseball. I cannot forget to thank the anti-vibration technology that ensures little or vibrations are transmitted to the handle.


2 5/8 inch diameter barrel – This bat features a relatively massive barrel that has AZ4X alloy construction in place. It has increased durability and pop.

AZ4X alloy construction – This offers a more trampoline effect on the baseball upon contact with the barrel. This means your swing momentum is maximized at its best.

Large sweet spot – Remember, this a bat that has been designed with a very different type of construction, the AZ4X alloy. This construction is responsible for the large sweet spot which comes with no dead spots.

AV2 Knob for Decreased vibration – After continuous consultation with the player advisory board, Marucci engineers found out that the most common problem with bats is the vibration. For this reason, they implied the AV2 knob that helps reduce vibrational feedback and also offers a better grip feel.

Balanced design – For precision and control, Marucci carefully designed the bat to make sure its weight is realistic and evenly distributed for a balanced and controlled swing.

  • Massive barrel
  • Large sweet spot
  • AZ4X Alloy construction
  • Decreased vibration.
  • No dead spots
  • Swing speed control

  • Okay, the bat itself is incredible only that it feels a little bit heavier than its predecessors. This a disadvantage to the light players while it is an advantage to stronger players who wants a more solid feel

Swinging the cat7 feels more powerful as compared to the previous cat6. It has a powerful and balanced swing that produces pop and power you need. If you are hunting a bat with different construction, high power, and fine tune-up performance, Marucci Cat7 is the way to go.


5. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat

Rawlings Velo HybridNext on our list is the Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR bat. This bat secured position five in our list because of its incredible balance.

As its name suggests, this bat is designed to be extremely balanced. Balance means bursting control of the bat’s speed and accuracy. Acoustic alloy has been used in constructing its barrel, thus you can count on a lot of pop and amazing performance. Rawlings developed the Precision-Optimized performance technology and used it in making the bat. This technology ensures the bat delivers a powerful and accurate hit on the plate.

The bat features a fiber reinforced silver composite end cap that ensures unnecessary weight is eliminated from the end of the barrel.


Increased swing speed – Rawlings Velo series have a great reputation of being among the lightest and fastest swinging baseball bats so far. Its newest version, hybrid balanced has set a new record in the series. With increased swing speed, hitting the baseball definitely becomes a piece of cake.

Extreme balance – Swinging this bat feels very different from the rest, it has an extreme balance that will make you keep swinging it for no reason.

Acoustic alloy – This Acoustic alloy plays a major role in the performance of the bat. It enriches the bat with explosive swing speeds and durability. It is the loudest allow in the market so far.

Incredible grip – Most of the bats need a lizard skin for comfort and easier grip. However, this bat features an amazing grip tape that saves you from purchasing a lizard skin.

  • Extreme balance
  • Delivers a great pop with great sound
  • Explosive swing speed
  • 12 months warranty

  • After carrying out several tests on this bat, we did not find any flaw

The Rawlings offers a good balance between pure alloy and composite bats and will definitely make a good deal for players who don’t find composite or pure bats to be of their type. In the right hands, this bat will offer nothing less than a smashing power-hit. The three things that make this bat stand tall in the BBCOR family is its extreme balance, explosive swing speed, and huge pop. The bat has a 5 star rating after 31 reviews.


6. Easton BB17ZSW Z-CORE SPEED Whiteout

Easton BB17ZSW Z-CORE SPEED WhiteoutBy introducing more robust bats into the market, Easton continues to give us a remarkable and powerful swing.

To make sure power limits are stretched, Easton is now bringing us the Z-CORE SPEED. The material used to make this whiteout BBCOR bat is similar to the one used to make its predecessor, the Z-CORE HMX. This bat is as a result of the HMX being redesigned with stunning features and an awesome look. It’s composed of a one-piece alloy design.


Z-CORE Internal core technology – Easton’s Z-CORE technology has been combined with Hyperlite Matrix (HMX) and used to construct the bat’s barrel. For this reason, the barrel is able to offer a larger sweet spot and the most pop.

Reduced vibration and sting – This bat is wrapped with HYPERSKIN Grip that has been specially made by Easton. Apart from playing role in reducing vibration and stinging, this skin also provides you great comfort. You don’t need a lizard skin anymore!

Lower swing weight – Its one-piece design which has been constructed using a combination of two technologies makes the bat light weight and thus the swing speed.

Fast swing speed – The bat having a low swing speed will definitely give birth to a faster swing speed.

2 5/8 inch aluminum barrel – This one of the largest aluminum barrel in the market. The two technologies used in constructing this barrel allows it to have a large sweet spot and a loud pop.

  • Little vibration
  • Large barrel
  • Lots of pop
  • Amazing sweet spot

  • Small vibrate felt if you get jammed

Z-CORE SPEED is the ultimate choice for players who want an evenly balanced and speedy bat without sacrificing power. Apart from this bat being BBCOR certified, it comes with a 12 months warranty. Pick up the Easton Z-CORE SPEED bat and intensify your power and speed.


7. DeMarini Voodoo Insane End Load

DeMarini Voodoo Insane End LoadHere is another overwhelming bat from the famous DeMarini designed for 2018. It features one of the top hybrid constructions we have in the market today.

In this new Voodoo insane, DeMarini has added a balanced option and used the X4 alloy to construct its barrel. The X4 alloy used on this bat has been upgraded with a variable wall thickness that allows the Voodoo Insane to distribute weight evenly in all directions thus providing more pop. Apart from a comfortable and fine grip, swinging this bat feels natural heavy and powerful.


Upgraded X14 alloy – This alloy has been used to construct the barrel. Its main objective is to enhance a variable wall thickness for more power and pop.

Two-piece, Hybrid construction 

D-Fusion 2.0 handle – Just like the other DeMarini bats, the D-Fusion 2.0 handle has been put in place. This handle redirects negative vibration back into the barrel. This allows you to get the maximum boom of every swing.

Optimized swing weight – The low-end cap has been used to optimize the swing weight of the bat.

RCK Knob – The grip of your hands has been catered by the RCK knob which ensures a perfect fit bottom hand for a warm grip.

2 5/8 inch barrel – Apart from the barrel being large, it has been constructed with an extended design that features an end loaded swing weight.

  • Extra load up top (for loaded swing weight)
  • Great pop
  • Durable
  • Reduced vibration

  • A little bit expensive

What I like most about this bat is that it features an insane end loaded swing weight. This added meat makes the bat feel much powerful and stronger. Insane comes with a full 12 months warranty. If you are a powerful hitter who needs a loaded and well-balanced bat, the Insane is the way to go.


8. 2018 Combat Vigor

Combat VigorCombat is back again, introducing you another rifle to help you win 2018 games. You will definitely find this bat outstanding once I tell you that it is the only bat in the market that offers 100% composite. This also means it features a one-piece construction design with a single wall barrel. This construction gives the Vigor an extended and longer barrel.

Construction trampoline also plays a major role in providing explosive power, light swing weight, and maximum pop.


Precision Molded Technology – Just like other Combat’s bats, Combat has used the Precision Molded Seamless Technology to construct the Vigor’s barrel. As a result, a strong and ultra-consistent bat that is perfectly tuned for great performance is achieved.

100% composite, One-piece, and single-wall construction – This is the big deal about the bat. If you are obsessed with bats made of high percentage of composite, you will absolutely like this one. The one-piece and single wall construction make the bat have a lighter swing weight and maximized feedback.

Ultra-premium lizard skin – For a comfort and firm grip, the Vigor is wrapped with an ultra-premium lizard skin. This lizard skin also reduces vibration and stinging.

Extended 2 5/8 inch barrel – As we had discussed earlier, this is no ordinary barrel. It offers 100% composite and a seamless construction. Seamless means no seams or dead spots!

  • Wrapped with lizard skin
  • 100% composite construction
  • Lighter swing weight
  • Explosive power
  • Extended barrel

  • None

Personally, I liked the barrel of this bat, I realized that nearly all of my swing momentum was channeled to the baseball. Its feedback is great! Apart from it having a USSSA 1.15 BPF certification, the Vigor is also backed with a 12 months warranty.


9. 2018 Anderson Flex

Anderson Flex BBCORLet’s spare some time and look at the Flex from Anderson. By constructing this bat, Anderson has shown dedication in developing high-performance softball bats.

Anderson has carefully examined today’s games the realized the wants of the player. This research resulted in the development of a slow pitch bat, the new 2018 Anderson Flex. It has been constructed using a one-piece, single wall alloy design. It is considered one of the strongest alloy material that Anderson has ever made. This guarantees you of durability!


One-piece alloy construction – This alloy construction focuses on delivering a balanced feel, increased swing speed, and an even weight design. It also gives this bat a great pop.

Single-wall barrel design – This barrel design contributes to a balanced weight and increased swing speed. Achieving this enable you to have good control of the bat and an accurate hit.

0.5-ounce end load – For maximized performance and powerful swings, the Anderson Flex is fitted with a 0.5-ounce end load.

  • One-piece construction
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Balanced design
  • Aerospace Alloy.
  • Great pop
  • BBCOR certified

  • So far we found no con on this bat. None of the customers who have bought this bat has left a bad comment about it.

If you are in search of a softball bat with the highest possible performance level, search no further, the 2018 Anderson Flex is what you are looking for. Its price tag being 200USD, swinging it will definitely make you feel money well spent.


10. Marucci Cat6

Marucci Cat6Let’s conclude our Best BBCOR Bats list with the Marucci cat6 and discover why it was worth fitting in our list. Having discussed the Marucci cat7, you must be having an idea the Maruccis.

Marucci cat6 is a one-piece alloy constructed bbcor bat. Durability, pop, and strength are the main interest in this bat. Marruci has carefully designed this bat for swiftness and speed.


One-piece alloy construction – As we had mentioned earlier, this bat features a one-piece alloy construction that makes it more durable and powerful.

Professionally extended barrel – Its bat was enlarged as compared to the previous versions. This means enhanced sweet spot, a faster swing and extra pop. This bat allows lighter hitters to enjoy a more powerful hit.

Anti-vibration knob – Marruci needed to design the bat in a way the handle will experience no vibration. To achieve this, they developed an anti-vibration knob, patented it and included it in cat6.

Ring-free barrel technology – This a unique feature even in the marucci, unlike other companies that utilize rings in the barrels to dampen the sting, Marucci has used a difference technology to keep sting away.

  • Distributed weight
  • Increased power
  • One piece alloy construction
  • Anti-vibration

  • None

If you are a player who likes the Marucci series but find their latest model, cat7 being a little bit heavier and longer for you. Marucci cat6 will definitely rock your game. To add on, I am pretty you will absolutely love its professional and aggressive looks.


Now, let’s look at some of the important things and probably answer some questions.

What materials are BBCOR bats made of?

In the past days, wooden bats were the only option, companies did a lot of research and have been developing bats from different materials like composite and aluminum. Lately, they have introduced the BBCOR bats. These bats are tuned to offer maximum performance compared to other bats. For this reason, they are specially constructed using exceptional materials. And what materials are best BBCOR bats made of? Okay, bbcor bats are basically made of alloy. A BBCOR bat can either be one-piece or two-piece.

The alloy used on a BBCOR bat varies from company to company but usually, this alloy is usually aluminum alloyed with other metals to produce a stronger bat. The BBCOR bats have succeeded the pure aluminum bats since offer a reduced trampoline effect. Some of the advantages of the BBCOR bat is that it has no weather restrictions and is more durable.

What should you look for in a BBCOR bat before purchasing it?

Ok, each one of us here must have faced some sort of difficulty making a decision when purchasing a bat. Also, technology has been changing the way bats are constructed. Therefore, there are those things that you should put into considerations before making the purchase. In this section, I am going to take you through the things you should have in mind when making your selection.


Bats are constructed using different materials, either wood, composite or alloy. You as a player should have an idea of how the three materials feel. This will make it easier to settle in one material. Also, there is the hybrid bat. This bat features an aluminum barrel and a composite handle. Of course, the wooden bats have no chance in your selection. You are now left with three selections, alloy, composite or hybrid.


Various designs have been used to construct bats, the most basic ones being:

• One-piece construction- This means the bat’s barrel and handle have been constructed as one unit.

• Two-piece construction- This means the bat’s barrel and handle have been constructed separately and finally connected together. This type of construction gives us hybrid bats.



This another important thing to consider when selecting your bat. When we say size, we are talking about the length of the bat. There are so many ways you can use to determine the appropriate length. Make sure you purchase a bat matches you length. If you are new in bats and don’t know how to measure your appropriate length, don’t worry I have made a deeper explanation in question four.


The weight of bat goes hand in hand with the physical power of the player. Don’t purchase a bat that is too light for you or too heavy for you, it might experience uncontrolled swing and bogus hit. You must know whether you are a power hitter, light or moderate.


Baseball bats will always be categorized as either adult or youth baseball bat. Be sure of the category you fall under.


The reason for purchasing a bat is playing baseball, not chasing away intruders of causing damage. For this reason, you should understand the type of tournaments the bat is intended for. Most of the games require you to have a certified bat.


This not something big to shout about because you can easily get used to or improve using the lizard skin but I found it important to include it. Bats have different grip feels, if you are torn in between two choices, check the grip of the bat.

Considering the above factors before purchasing a bat will help you quickly adjust to your new bat.

BBCOR vs Wood bats

If I placed a BBCOR bat and a wood bat on the table for you to make a selection, I am pretty sure you would pick the BBCOR. So, let us look at some of the reason why BBCOR bats are better than wood bats. Generally wood bats don’t have much to give, this is because the ball loses much of its energy upon contact. Remember, the best BBCOR bats are made of alloy, this makes the bat offer a large sweet spot, decreased swing weight and a well-balanced barrel as opposed to wood bats.

In addition, BBCOR bats have been made using the latest technology. With this, you can count on reduced vibration, high swing speed, and perfect weight. On the other hand, I recommend you practicing using a wood bat. This because you are training yourself to make a good contact with a small sweet spot.

BBCOR Bat size guide

As we had mentioned earlier, the size of the bat is a crucial thing to consider when selecting a bat. For this reason, I have shortlisted two tricks that will help you find a bat of the right size.

First trick- while standing upright, put your bat beside any of your legs and let it touch down. Now here is the deal, as long as you are able to reach the handle using your palm, the bat is of the right size.

Second trick- place the knob of the bat at the center of your chest and lift the barrel for the bat to face forward. If you are able to grab the barrel at this position, the bat is of the right size.


Now that we have discussed a lot about best BBCOR bats, you will definitely make a killer choice in the best BBCOR bats 2018. BBCOR bats are tailored to give a diversity of swing weight and speed. I am so confident that in the BBCOR family, you will definitely find that one bat that feels like yours but has increased performance. The price tags on the BBCOR bats should not scare you, spending those dollars on these bats will leave you thanking BBCOR after every swing.

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