Best CPAP Machine 2018 – Top 10 Sleep Apnea Machines Reviewed

Sleep Apnea MachinesIf you have started experiencing sleep apnea symptoms or you are already a patient, don’t despair, all you need is a best CPAP machine.

We all enjoy sleeping, but do your partner enjoy it when you sleep? It depends on how you sleep, not the posture but how you breathe. Your breath should be constant, effortless, and smooth. If your breathing is not constant, be sure to see a doctor or sleep specialist, you might be suffering from sleep apnea.

People with sleep apnea suffer from breathing difficulties and will tend to snore and open their mouth while asleep. And what is this sleep apnea? In simple terms, it is a sleep disorder that involves pauses in breathing. There are three types of sleep apnea but the Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common (OSA).

Effects of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is not a friend, it is a nightmare to you and your partner. It snatches most of the health benefits that sleep gives you. Apart from it being irritating to your partner, it gives you fatigue and sleepiness during the day. Studies show that sleep apnea can bring the following complications:

• High blood pressure
• Heart problems.
• Abnormal heartbeats
• Complications with medications or surgery
• Metabolic syndrome
• Type 2 diabetes
• Liver problems

We have seen what Sleep apnea is capable of, and for this reason, it is important to avoid sleep apnea. CPAP machines are here to help you deal with it.

What is a CPAP Machine?

Basically, a CPAP Machine is a small therapeutic device that helps patients with Sleep apnea to have a smooth and effortless breath once they sleep by providing a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

A CPAP Machine includes a mask that covers your nose, this mask connects to the device itself via an elastic tube. This tube enables you to turn freely on the bed. A CPAP machine is designed to keep sleep apnea away. So, how does this CPAP machine help you achieve a smooth and effortless breath?

How stuff works

When we sleep, our bodies and minds are at rest and the nervous system relatively inactive. In this condition, breathing should be easy and smooth. At some point, your airway might collapse making it difficult for air to move in and out freely through the nose and throat. This causes pauses in breathing (Sleep apnea) which may lead to snoring and here is where CPAP machines come in. Just like its name, a CPAP machine works by increasing the air pressure in your throat, this ensures that your airway doesn’t collapse.

Why do you need a CPAP Machine?

When CPAP machines were first introduced, some people found it ridiculous to use them but after talking to their doctors and learning their advantages, they cannot afford to sleep without one. Let us now see why you need a CPAP machine.

• Treats obstructive sleep apnea (best nonsurgical method).
• Decreases daytime sleepiness and fatigue especially in those who suffer from sleep apnea.
• Easy and smooth breathing when sleeping.
• By avoiding your airway from collapsing, CPAP Machines helps you not to snore.
• By using a CPAP Machine, your sleep is silent.
• If you use CPAP for longer times (around 7 hours a night), you are likely to have less depression and fewer heart issues.
• People suffering from the coronary artery disease have minimal chances of having heart problems when they use the CPAP Machine.
• Research shows that NCPAP lowers blood pressure in people suffering from sleep apnea.

Which Machine should I buy?

Okay, you will find many CPAP devices in the market today, but which is the right device for you? Many users find it difficult when it comes to selecting an appropriate CPAP device, especially the first users. After spending much time with a sleep specialist and CPAP machines, I have prepared you a list of the 10 best CPAP Machines that you can by this year.

Best CPAP Machine comparison chart

1. HDM Z1 CPAP Machine

HDM Z1Let’s begin our list with the HDM Z1, this device is the most integrated sleep apnea machine that you can find. For this reason, it is small and light-weight. It feels so irritating waking up in the morning and your partner begin narrating you how you were sleeping and the noises you were making.

In order for you to stop hearing this stories, all you need to do is grab the HMD Z1 that is packed with stunning features.

Product design

The HDM Z1 has an amazing design that will make you keep looking at it. Has we had said earlier, it is an integrated device that will fit in between your two palms. Its simple and integrated design solves your portability issues. Below are the features that make this sleep apnea machine to appear the first in our list.


Battery powered – The Z1 CPAP features an integrated battery system that saves you from power cables. Its battery runs for 8 continuous hours when fully charged. This means you can use this device in the posture you want, you don’t have to pull power extensions or sleep close to the power sockets.

Extremely light – Apart from this CPAP machine being small and presentable, we found it to be extremely light weighing 10 ounces. This makes a great deal when traveling, it fits in your pouch perfectly.

Very quiet – Some of the sleep apnea machines have been accused of producing some sound while operating. However, we found the Z1 so quiet, its mild sound could only be heard once you press it on one of your ears.

Nitelog mobile app – The Z1 works with Nitelog mobile app that works on iOS and Android. This will help you keep your data in the pocket and maybe share with your doctor.

LCD display screen – This CPAP Machine features an LCD display that keeps you updated with the machine controls.

Easy controls – These controls enable you to perform some basic tasks like adjusting the pressure.

The Z1 being among the best CPAP Machines offers an effective therapy that results in a more comfortable use and a natural breathing pattern. If you are a traveler hunting for a CPAP machine that will match your travel needs, HDM Z1 is the way to go.


2. ResMed AirSense 10

AirSense 10Yawning after every few minutes is something that apnea patients experience now and then, especially in the afternoon after taking lunch. ResMed has designed another CPAP machine to help patients suffering from apnea have an easy and effortless breath when sleeping. It is right to say that this device is intelligent, this is because it is an auto-adjusting CPAP device and is capable of detecting sleep apnea events.

Saying that it is auto-adjusting, it works through tracking the breath patterns and naturally creating a CPAP that matches your breath pattern.

Product design

AirSence 10 is a relatively large sleep apnea machine compared to the previously discussed HDM Z1 but this doesn’t mean it is not portable. It features a presentable design and you can easily confuse it with an mp3 player. Its body is well-built measuring 5.91”by10.04”by4.57”. However, ResMend did not forget to spice this device with stunning features.


AutoSet response algorithm – We had mentioned earlier that is an intelligent device, this is revealed clearly by the AutoSet response algorithm feature that offers a tailored therapy to meet the exact needs of each patient.

Quiet operation – AirSence 10 has an incorporated easy-breathe motor that has been made using the latest technology to make sure its operation is very quiet.

HumidAir Humidifier – This feature is here to assist patients to easily become therapy a compliant.

Advanced event detection – This feature helps the AirSence 10 to identify central sleep apnea, any respiratory effort that is related to arousal and Cheyne-Stokes events.

AutoRamp feature – In most users, falling asleep with the prescribed pressure might not be easy. To keep this problem away, ResMed added an AutoRamp feature to their AirSence 10. This a smart feature with sleep onset detection that enables the AirSence 10 offer low pressure until the patient has slept. Once the patient has fallen asleep, it now ramps up the prescribed pressure.

Expiratory pressure relief (EPR) – This another smart feature that is included in the AirSence 10. With this feature, this sleep apnea device maintains the optimum pressure level to the patient during inhalation and reduces the pressure during exhalation. Is this device not smart?

Smart start – With the smart start feature, you don’t have to press the power button to begin, just grab the mask and breathe in.

Light sensor – The light sensor automatically adjusts the display screen brightness according to the light in the room.

Cellular connectivity – AirSence 10 features a built-in cellular technology that helps you access the device remotely via WIFI technology. With this feature, you can access the patient’s therapy data.

User-friendly controls – This device is loaded with intuitive controls which include a color LCD display screen to help you navigate and customize its settings.

Loaded with stunning features, it will be a good idea purchasing this device, especially if you are a new user.


3. ResMed AirSense 10 Elite

AirSense 10 EliteDown in our list of the Best CPAP machine is the AirSense 10 Elite from ResMed. This an advanced model of the AirSense 10 that we discussed previously. It is designed to offer patients with a more efficient prescribed therapy compared to its predecessor.

The AirSense 10 Elite being a fixed-pressure device is what distinguishes it clearly from the AirSence 10 which is an auto-adjusting pressure device. And that is the only difference, otherwise, these two sleep apnea machines share the same features and physical design.

Why did ResMed realize the need of developing another CPAP machine that is a fixed-pressure device?

The problem of a fixed prescription was discovered in the AirSense 10, this is because it is auto-adjusting. The AirSense 10 Elite came to solve this problem, it offers a fixed level of pressure to the patient. This means it offers an accurate pressure level compared to the AirSense 10. All the features that are included in AirSense 10 are also present in the AirSence 10 Elite. This CPAP device is suitable for patients who have a strict sleep apnea prescription.


4. Respironics DreamStation

Respironics DreamStationAre you looking for the best CPAP machine that will help you have some good sleep? DreamStation from the Philips Company is here, it is designed to make CPAP therapy easy and much comfortable than before.

The DreamStation is an auto CPAP machine, this means it will automatically adjust the pressure level based on the patient’s anticipated events and breathing patterns.

Product design

Apart from being designed to provide excellent CPAP therapy, Philips has designed this product to be user-friendly with a decent and impressive look. It is well-packed in a medium sized frame that features a colorful LCD display and user-friendly controls. Being among the best CPAP machines, we expect a handful of features incorporated. The following are its features.


Auto-Adjusting pressure – This sleep apnea machine is designed to listen to the patient’s breathing pattern and respond with the appropriate changes in pressure level where necessary.

Opti-start Technology – This CPAP device is equipped with Opti-Start Technology that monitors the average pressure that the patient always needs to begin therapy. After making the record, DreamStation will always start therapy at this pressure. It takes 30 hours of usage for the machine to record this pressure and turn on this feature. With this feature, your therapy is naturally tailored to meet your sleep apnea prescription.

Ramp feature – To meet the patient’s preferences, this sleep apnea machine offers two types of ramp settings. First is the auto-ramp mode which reduces the air pressure for you to easily fall asleep and later increases the pressure gradually up to your prescription setting. Next is the SmartRamp mode that constantly maintains a lower pressure until the machine detects that you need more pressure.

Heated humidifier – Its heated humidifier which connects directly to the machine makes use of dry box technology to avoid water from entering the device. The range of heat settings is 0-5 or you can either use the adaptive mode which allows the machine to automatically adjust the heat settings based on the environment.

A-Flex Pressure Relief – This feature is responsible for monitoring breathing patterns and lowers the pressure during exhalation and reverts back to normal pressure during inhalation. This enables the patient to breathe more natural.

Other smart features include

Auto start/off – This feature automatically starts the CPAP machine when the patient breathes into the mask and automatically turns it off once the patient takes off the mask. This saves much of your time!

Bluetooth enabled – This feature enables you to connect your sleep apnea machine with your smartphone or tablet. It uses the DreamMapper App to keep record of the sleep therapy.

Check mask fit – Does the mask of this sleep apnea machine fit you perfectly? This feature enables the DreamStation to take the first 40 seconds to test for any pressure leakage. It indicates a green light when the mask is fit and a red light when adjustments are needed. If you don’t adjust your mask properly, you will not get best results.

Altitude compensation – With this feature, this device is able to automatically compensate for altitude up to 7500ft. This means no manual adjustment is required.


5. Respironics DreamStation Pro

 Respironics DreamStation ProTake charge of your sleep apnea with ease and confidence with the DreamStation Pro which is a brother to the previously discussed Respironics DreamStation. This CPAP machine has been designed to provide comfortable and easy therapy.

These sleep apnea machine have almost the same features and appearance as the DreamStation. What differentiates the two devices is that the DreamStation Pro is a fixed-pressure machine while the DreamStation is an auto-adjusting pressure machine. The DreamStation Pro provides one constant pressure throughout the night.

For best results, this CPAP machine has been fitted with the Auto-Trial feature which is usable for up to 30 days. During this period, the device functions as an auto-adjusting CPAP machine which automatically adjusts pressure based on the patient’s breathing pattern. This feature enables the machine to collect the average pressure that the patient requires and after the trial period is over, the machine will not adjust its pressure and will constantly provide the average pressure it recorded.


6. Devilbiss IntelliPAP

Devilbiss IntelliPAPSleep apnea is now very cheap to treat with the IntelliPAP from Devilbiss manufacturers. This machine is designed to operate as a conventional CPAP machine and also as an auto-adjusting CPAP machine. This means you can shift in between the modes the way you wish.

By recording your breathing patterns, Devilbiss detects apneas, hypopneas and non-responding events in your breathing and in the morning, you are able to see how your breathing was like.

Product design

Devilbiss features a modern compact design that makes it look great beside your bed. For the product to be durable, Devilbiss has incorporated powerful electronics, a water resistant housing, a stainless steel heat transfer plate and a Lexan humidifier chamber. Having this in mind, you can count on years of excellent performance and patient satisfaction.


Below are some of the features that make this sleep apnea machine fit in our list of the best CPAP machines.

Automatic pressure adjustment – Remember, this is an auto-adjusting CPAP machine. This means it is intelligent enough to automatically adjust the pressure level based on the event type (the breath pattern of the patent).

Quiet operation – Devilbiss is among the quietest CPAP machines in the market today. It gives you an easy and peaceful night but be sure to set your alarm or you will late for work again.

Auto ON/OFF feature – With this feature, you are able to turn on the device by just making an inhalation and turn it off by just removing the mask off your face.

Easy to follow controls – These user-friendly controls help you to easily adjust the machine to your preferences. They are backed with a large LCD display that gives you an easy follow up of the controls.

SmartFlex – This a smart feature that allows you to control the amount of pressure that is relieved during exhalation. Devilbiss then provides the prescribed pressure during inhalation. With this feature, the patient is able to achieve a more natural breath.

Free SmartCode therapy reports – This a unique feature of the Devilbiss which allows you to retrieve code (alpha-numeric) from the device and use it on the Devilbiss website to generate your free therapy report.

Other added features include: Humidifier, automatic altitude adjustment, reminder alerts.

Apart from the above named features, the Devilbiss IntelliPAP also includes a fine particle filter and an extra air inlet. It also comes with an instructional DVD backed up with 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. This device will definitely meet and maybe exceed your needs.


7. Transcend Auto CPAP

Transcend auto cpapHere is another CPAP machine from Transcend that makes it on our list. It is the first auto-adjusting CPAP machine in the transcend series. Apart from it being auto-adjusting and having an amazing look, it is one of the smallest auto CPAP machines in the market.

Product design

I am certain the Transcend engineers really had some rough times developing a small and light auto-adjusting CPAP machine and finally loading it with incredible features. Transcend Auto has been designed with an impressive look. In addition, its housing is compact and compatible with all types of masks. Let us look at some of the features that Transcend auto presents to us.


Auto-Adjusting pressure -In order to keep your airway open, the Transcend Auto will automatically adjust its pressure level to the minimum pressure you need, breath by breath. This is much helpful since your pressure requirements changes through the night.

EZEX Pressure Relief – Based on the reduction technology, this feature enables the Transcend Auto to reduce the pressure when you exhale. This feature allows up to 3cm/H20 pressure reduction. This improves your breathing comfort!

Portable power option – Transcend Auto offers a great deal when it comes to power options. To start with, it comes with an AC power supply that includes 4 plug adapters for international use. Secondly, it is equipped with two battery options which feature a mobile DC power adapter and a solar battery charger.

Access Sleep Data information – Transcend Auto is now giving you the power to access your sleep data information in your windows computer. All you need is a USB cord to connect the device to the computer and you can now access the following data comfortably:

• Maximum and Minimum therapy pressure
• Leak Detection
• Total therapy hours
• Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI)
• Total Blower hours

Humidification – In order to provide you with warm and moist air during therapy, Transcend Auto offers both integrated heated humidifier and a waterless humidification system.

TranSync – This feature enables you to share sleep apnea data. After retrieving it to your computer, you can now share it to cloud or anywhere else you want using this feature.

Transcend has manufactured a variety of sleep apnea machines and now it’s letting you take charge of sleep apnea with this auto-adjusting CPAP machine. Weighing less than a pound, we can define it as the most innovative and portable auto-adjusting CPAP machine. If you are out there looking for a small, effective and durable auto-adjusting CPAP machine, you now know which choice to go for.


8. Fisher & Paykel Icon Premo

fisher paykel icon premoFisher and Paykel are introducing you an incredible fixed-pressure CPAP machine with built in humidifier and thermoSmart heated hose. They are objected to making sure you get rid of your sleep apnea.

From their sleep style series of sleep machines, they have taken several features and advanced them. With the following features, Icon Premo has elevated CPAP therapy.

Product design

The design of this product is absolutely awesome. It has a compact body that features a large LCD display. Placed beside your bed, it gives a decent and impressive look. It must have passed in the hands of a designer.


Humidification with ThermoSmart Heated Hose – When you breathe, air is naturally heated as it passes through your nasal passages. At some point, the CPAP airflow may dry your nasal passages and this where the humidification now comes in. The air tube is fitted with ThermoSmart Technology to ensure a constant temperature supply.

Ramp feature – This a smart feature that enhances comfort by giving the user time to fall sleep. This is achieved by starting the airflow at a lower pressure.

Auto-altitude adjusting – This an important feature to the patients who make frequent visit to areas with high altitude.

Leak compensation – With this feature, your prescription is more accurate since any leak detected is compensated.

InfoSmart and SmartStick – This feature enables you to effectively keep track of your therapy. This software offers detailed reports concerning AHI, compliance, leak and pressure.

Other included features are:

• SmartDial, Alarm Clock, and Alarm Tunes
• Elbow to Tubing connection


9. Transcend miniCPAP

Transcend miniCPAPTranscend is back again with its miniCPAP machine. Just like Transcend Auto, it is among the lightest and smallest CPAP machines you can find today. Not forgetting performance, Transcend has equipped the miniCPAP with stunning features to make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for size.

Product design

Apart from the Transcend miniCPAP being small, it is impressive to look at. Generally, it looks like a huge computer mouse. What I admired most in its design is the ability to use any mask in the market.


Versatile power options – Transcend miniCPAP gives you a variety of power options. It is powered by both battery and power outlet. When powering this sleep apnea machine using a wall outlet and a battery on board, and a power outage occurs, the Transcend miniCPAP will not power off but switch to battery power.

Compatible with all types of masks – Its standard six-foot hose makes this device compatible with all types of CPAP masks.

Quiet operation – Transcend miniCPAP does not compromise sound. Its operation is swift and quiet.

Small and light-weight – As we had mentioned earlier, Transcend miniCPAP is one of the smallest and lightest best CPAP machines in the market today.

Ramp feature – Its ramp feature enables the miniCPAP to provide a relatively lower pressure to the patient for the 45 minutes. This enough time to get you asleep.

Smart tracking – Transcend miniCPAP keeps a good track of your sleep apnea therapy by detecting leak and AHI. In addition, you can use an ordinary USB cable to extract your therapy report from the machine.

10 days risk-free – Here is another deal from Transcend, if the machine did not meet your expectations, transcend offers you a 100% money back guarantee within the first 10 days.


10. Apex XT Auto

Apex XTLet’s conclude our list with the XT from Apex medical. It is an Auto-adjusting CPAP machine that reads the breath of the patient and adjusts the air pressure according to the needs of the patient. Let us look at some of its features.

Product design

We can say that it has an award-winning design that makes it ideal for traveling.


The Apex XT Auto is loaded with the following features:

• Ramp Setting
• Built-in power supply
• PVA pressure relief (during exhalation).
• Leak compensation
• Travel friendly
• Auto altitude adjustment
• SD storage card
• User-friendly controls
• Clock with alarm
• Optional heated humidifier
• Universal AC power

There are two versions of sleep apnea machines from Apex XT, first is the XT Auto that we have just discussed and second is the XT Fit that is a fixed pressure CPAP machine.

After discussing the 10 best CPAP machines, let us now look at some of the things you need to know before making your purchase.

How to choose the best CPAP Machine

Choosing the best CPAP machine could be a nightmare, especially if you are a new user and for this reason, I have prepared you a guide to help you in your selection. In this section, we are going to discuss every tip you should know when buying a CPAP machine.

1. The type of sleep apnea treatment you are using

Sleep apnea therapy encircles all forms of PAP (Positive Airway Pressure), which are: CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP. For this case, make sure you are shopping for a machine that treats sleep apnea through CPAP. In other words, a CPAP machine.

2. Product manufacturer

Definitely, you are looking for a quality CPAP machine with excellent performance that will work efficiently all night, like a clock. To avoid trouble, it is advisable to shop for a sleep apnea machine from good manufacturers like ResMed and Respironics.

3. Features of the CPAP machine

When purchasing a CPAP machine, you are definitely looking for a device that will meet all your need and has all the functions you want. Some will be more or less important to you, so you need to prioritize some of the features.

4. Auto-adjusting or fixed pressure machine

In the market, you will find two types of CPAP machines, those that are auto-adjusting and those that offer fixed pressure. For this reason, it is advisable to talk to your doctor and have a written prescription before purchase.

5. Portability

If you are a frequent traveler shopping for the best CPAP machine, portability is something you should consider. When checking portability, be sure to put across the following factors.

• Size
• Weight
• Carrying case
• Battery powered with adapter- if you spend nights in places prone to power outages, you have to insist on this.
• Adopters- make sure the adopters of the device are not too large but have the proper head plugs.
• Removable humidifier- it provides a way to lighten your device. If you have to carry the humidifier, be sure to drain in first to avoid spillage problems.

6. Mask

Most of the time, you will interact with the machine’s mask. For this reason, you need a mask that fits you comfortably with no leakages. Also, the air tube should be long and flexible enough to enable you to move freely during the night.

Having the best CPAP machine enables you to enjoy a maximum CPAP therapy.

Risks associated with CPAP machines

Using a CPAP machine is the most effective nonsurgical method of treating sleep apnea. But what are the risks associated with CPAP machines?

Dry nose and throat

The air passing through your nose and throat may lead to a dry throat if you continuously use a device without a humidifier.

More complications on clogged nose

If you suffer from nose clogging, it is advisable to seek treatment before using a CPAP machine.

Note: nosebleed is a very rare complication brought by CPAP machines.

For sure, there is nothing big to shout about these sleep apnea machines.


Okay, we have discussed the best CPAP machines, revealing all the benefits of using them. At this point, I am pretty sure you have no problem when it comes to these machines. One more thing, the prices of these machines should not scare you since they are meant for a lifetime treatment, and that’s why most of these manufacturers give you 5 years warranty.

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