Best Video Doorbell 2018 – Smart Doorbells Buyer’s Guide

Everyone wants security and convenience, this is what a video doorbell does for you. We bring you the list of 10 Best Video Doorbell to help you decide which one is best for your home.

Video doorbell is way much advanced as compared to you conventional doorbells. This smart doorbell enables you to see and speak to the person at your door from your smartphone from anywhere you may be. The video doorbell uses internet connection to get a streaming video to your phone using an app. You can integrate your normal doorbell to it , when a guest presses the button it senses and alerts your smartphone.

The doorbell is wireless, it uses a battery which can easily be charged with an USB cable, this makes installation so much easier. So if you want to know who is at your door even if your at work this is what you need. Some video doorbell come with motion sensors which are in-built. There are various video doorbell devices in the market, below is a list of ten of the Best Video Doorbell giving description on their features, similarities and differences between each other. Hope the information will be helpful enough to your needs on choosing your preferred video doorbell.

Smart Video Doorbells Price Range Video Resolution Smart Home Compatibility Price
Ring Video Doorbell Pro $$$ 1080p SmartThings, Wink Check Price
Ring Video Doorbell 2 $$ 1080p SmartThings, Wink Check Price
August Doorbell Cam Pro $$ 960p Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, Honeywell, Xfinity, IFTTT, Wink, Logitech Check Price
August Doorbell Camera $$ 960p Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, Honeywell, Xfinity, IFTTT, Wink, Logitech Check Price
RemoBell Wireless Video Doorbell $$ 960p none Check Price
VueBell Doorbell Camera $ 720p unspecified Check Price
SkyBell HD $$ 1080p Alexa, Nest, Honeywell, IFTTT, iControl, Kwikset Check Price
Zmodo Greet PRO $$ 1080p unspecified Check Price
VTech IS741 Doorbell $ unspecified unspecified Check Price
Akaso Video Doorbell $ 720p unspecified Check Price

What to consider when purchasing smart video doorbell

Video quality

For you to clearly identify exactly who is at your door or what has been dropped over you need to get quality video stream. Therefore, always check the video quality of the product you want to purchase, the highest quality is 1080p HD. Also the field of view should be good with the best being around one sixty degrees, also the distance of view should be checked.

Cloud storage fee

For video storage various companies charge different amount and also the time period for storage differs. Some offer free cloud storage while others charge quiet a high fee. So always go for the one that goes with your allocated budget.

Sound quality

Some smart doorbells come with noise cancelling capability while others just have terrible quality. The microphone in-built should be clear enough to enable communication. The speaker also has to be loud just enough for the guest to communicate with the home owner. So try to find out the sound quality of what you want to buy.

Installation process

This is one factor you should always consider since installation sometimes can stress you out. Find out what you need to do to get it to work before purchasing. Whether you need to connect to your current doorbell or it works independently. Also finding out how it is powered can be very useful. Get to know where to place your WiFi router since the doorbell requires good reception.

Check your door

Before buying a video doorbell always check how your door is built and whether you can a good place to install it. Look if the doorbell you want to buy can fit to where you need it placed if not choose another one since this may affect the view of the video stream.

Compatibility with other smart systems

Some video doorbells as discussed can be integrated with your smart home systems while others cannot. You should choose the one that can work with your current smart system this will greatly boost security at your home.

Why should you install a video doorbell

Some people may find it as an extra cost but there are many advantages of installing a smart doorbell as compared to having the normal doorbell. Below is a list of some of the advantages.


One of the major advantages is security. With having a video doorbell is an added camera to monitor what happens around your home. Some even record the video so in case of any incidences you will have evidence to present. The night vision is another boost for security at your home any burglars who may try to steal at night will be identified, also the motion sensors will alert you of any suspicious activities.


Instead of the usually way of going to the door to find out who it is, the video doorbell enables you see who is at the door straight from your phone. This is also good since you can talk to whoever is there from anywhere you are. This saves a lot of time for you to do other things or pass a quick message to your guest.

Easy to install

If your debating whether to install a smart doorbell or the normal doorbells then surely choose the video doorbell. It is one of the easiest doorbells to install most of them being wireless your work will be quiet easy. While the common doorbell requires you to do a lot of wiring for smart doorbell with most of them being wireless is easy . You an install it yourself without requiring an electrician thus at the same time saving you money.

Best Video Doorbell – Smart Doorbells With Cameras

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell ProCompared to its previous models the video doorbell pro has a better slimmer design to it with excellent video quality. Comes with free cloud storage. Surely one of the best and unique in the market.


As mentioned the Pro has the best transmit video quality of 1080p HD, you get to see your guess in crisp clear view, with a field of view of 160 degrees. Another positive is the size, it is small enough to fit into any space. It supports 2.4 and 5 gigahertz of WIFI which is better compared to the other models without 5GHz support. However, the Pro requires to be connected to your current doorbell since it’s not wireless, you can call an electrician to easily install it. On the downside you cannot use it when lights go out.

Check out Ring Video Doorbell Pro Installation Guide Video

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2Now the video doorbell 2 is quite an improvement its previous models. Comes with better video quality and more features. Surely quite good progress in smart doorbells.


As stated this is an improvement from other related models, it has video quality of 1080p while others had 720p. It gives a 160 degrees view. But the added advantage is its night vision capability. It also has motion sensors so your guest does even have to press any button. It is powered by lithium batteries which are rechargeable, this give it an edge since it can operate wireless. For it to store your videos you have to pay thirty dollars per year for storage of sixty days for a single camera or a hundred dollars for any number of cameras. It can also be integrated with other apps such smart hubs the motion sensors can turn your front lights on when they detect someone approaching.

Introducing Ring Video Doorbell 2

August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell Cam ProIf you have used August doorbells before then you will surely love this one more. It is an improved version of other generations, coming with higher cloud storage.


The August Pro has an awesome design, the size is small enough to fit it in your door frame.It comes with a one hundred and twenty degree are of view, with 1280x960p HD video quality. Though it does not come with night vision capability it is connected with LED lights to enable good views in poor light conditions. For cloud storage you have to pay a five dollar fee per month.

August Doorbell Camera

August Doorbell CameraWith the August company making smart locks the doorbell cam would be an added advantage for your home since you can integrate them. It may not have features like for the pro model but at its price this is a good purchase.


The August doorbell needs to be connected to your usual doorbell for it to work. As compared to the pro which has floodlights it does not work in low light conditions. When we come to design it may not be sleek as other smart doorbells, it has a square shape making it hard to fix it at the door frame. It has a one twenty degree field of view with 1280x960p HD video quality. However, it can be used with other smart home technology such as Google Home.

August Doorbell Cam Introduction Video

RemoBell Wireless Video Doorbell

RemoBell WiFi Wireless Video DoorbellThe Remobell is quite a disappointment when you compare it to other smart doorbells. First it costs the same price as its competitors while it does not support live stream.


The advantage is that it uses AA batteries thus you don’t have to keep recharging or doing wiring. You cannot integrate the Remobell with other smart home devices. With no live stream this means it can only record your video, it comes with night vision and motion sensors too. With a field view of one twenty degrees and video quality of 1280x960p HD. For a month cloud storage you have to pay a three dollar fee.

VueBell Doorbell Camera

VueBell Doorbell CameraThis is one of the most trending doorbell camera in the market. It comes at an affordable prices with good quality features.


The doorbell camera supports live stream with HD quality videos. It comes with motion sensors to detect anyone near without even ringing, you can converse though audio with your guest. Another great feature about it is the night vision capability of about 18 feet with eight LEDs. For power source you can use wiring or a battery. Hence being among the best doorbell cameras available out there.

SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD Video DoorbellAs name suggests the Skybell has the best crystal clear video quality among its competition out there. So if you go for quality even in design then this is for you.


The 1080p video quality is the selling point of the Skybell smart doorbell. Further advantage is that you do not have to pay the monthly fee for cloud storage, it offers free storage of up to seven days with the option of saving on your phone. Though it is not as small as others in the market it has a nice style with good finishes. It comes with a coating that prevents rusting and a plastic outer layer that makes it waterproof boosting the WIFI connection at the same time. The Skybell even connects with other smart home devices.

Watch SkyBell Installation Video

Zmodo Greet PRO

Zmodo Greet ProZmodo is best for security for you with highly sensitive motion sensors that detect the slightest movement at your door.


As compared to the other smart doorbells the Zmodo automatically records a video for thirty seconds you can view live feed from it too. With HD quality videos. It will send a notification when the motion sensors go on to your phone wherever you are. You can as well record a voice message for your guests to hear. The design is good with a stylish silver finish. Installing it is quiet easy. On the down side however it has been claimed that basic Zmodo version disconnects easily when WIFI connection is not strong, which is why we recommend PRO version with WiFi Extender.

VTech IS741 Doorbell

VTech IS741 DoorbellThe VTech works wireless so it is easily to get videos, you can get snapshot too of the person at the door straight to your phone. At an affordable price.


The doorbell comes with two handsets and a microphone, in-built intercom. It has night vision capability with it that activates automatically in the dark. The design is slim to easily install at your door. For power it comes with rechargeable batteries with a life span of up to an year. You can stream video straight into your smartphone, with the ability to adjust the angles of the camera. It is also weatherproof.

Akaso Video Doorbell

Akaso Video DoorbellFor all your smart doorbell needs for a totally wireless doorbell then the Akaso is the best. With immediate notification of any activities.


Video clear quality of 720p HD is what you get from the video doorbell. If your lights are out the Akaso has standby power for a long time, it also saves power usage with its design. The motion detectors send alerts to your phone once they sense any movement around.With also recording available For the night time the doorbell has infrared night vision to allow good view. The noise cancelling technology on it is another plus.
As explained above there are various features on different video doorbells. A customer should always try to find out what suites them. By doing a lot of research especially online you cannot lack to get your preferences and needs. You can do research on Amazon for features and reviews to guide on what others have experienced. However, there are some factors you should consider before purchasing as explained below.
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