Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network 2018 – Smart Home Wi-Fi Systems Reviews

Smart homes are the new trend in technology advancement. But for smart homes to function properly they need efficient, strong WiFi connection. This is where wi-fi mesh network comes in.

While it may be a different device from a wifi router they basically use the same concept of wifi transmission. A wi-fi mesh network in simple terms the concept is a device that gives a stronger wifi signal making extender devices in a home to give out the network at a further distance than the last one. Though the concept has been used since the 80s’ mostly in hospitals or by the military it is gaining commercial interest currently. Instead of having those wifi dead zones around the house it makes sure your whole houses has enough wifi network connection.

Since many devices are incorporated around a smart home is why a mesh wifi network is needed. You can consider it as the best router for smart homes. It will ensure your home works efficiently. Although it may be a bit costly as compared to conventional wifi router but well worth it. There are many devices available in the market for one to purchase but below is the best wi-fi mesh network for smart home.

WiFi Mesh Networks Price Range Coverage Smart Home Compatibility Price
Netgear Orbi RBK50 (editor's choice) $$$ 5,000 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa Check Price
eero WiFi System (runner-up) $$$ 3,000 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa Check Price
Linksys Velop $$$$ 6,000 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa Check Price
Google Wifi System $$$ 4,500 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa, many other devices (via IFTTT) Check Price
AmpliFi HD $$$ 20,000 square feet - Check Price
Securifi Almond 3 $ 4,000 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa, Phillips Hue, Nest Check Price
Luma Whole Home WiFi $$ 3,000 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa Check Price
TP-Link Deco M5 $$ 4,500 square feet Amazon Echo, Alexa, IFTTT Check Price
Samsung Connect Home $$ 4,500 square feet SmartThings Check Price
Portal Mesh Wifi $$$ 6,000 square feet Alexa, Google Home, Nest, WiFi light bulbs Check Price

Factor to consider when buying

Cost  Everyone has their price points when buying something. The wi-fi mesh networks come at different price so being available for a wide range of people.However, reduction in price means some lack some features but online you can find the right features at the right price. So do not compromise the features because of the price sometimes cheap is expensive and at last with just be stressing.

Speed One thing that stresses one when it comes to wifi is slow speed. To avoid all this just find out the best mesh wifi network with the best fast speed to enable you surf the net with no problems. Good devices should allow you to stream HD quality videos with no buffering. Also the coverage should be a wide range to reach every corner of a home. The signal also has to remain strong whether going through walls or floors.

Ease of use – When buying the device always look at the reviews of people who have used it before and see how the experience has been. Some mesh wifi system may be very difficult to operate especially on their app, so always find the ones that give people easy time to operate. Also look whether it supports other systems around your smart home.

Parental control – Some parents may wish to restrict what their kids check online. If you are such a parent and you want these features, there are mesh wifi systems available to provide this for you and make sure your kids are viewing the right content. Since some come with web filter features it will be very easy to control internet at your home.

Advantages of using a mesh wifi system

Less expensive to set up for large spaces when using single router it require a lot of wiring to take the signals to different places. But when it comes to mesh wifi system because it uses wireless networks setting it up is so easy plus not wiring is required since all areas of the area are covered by the wifi. So for large homes they should really invest in this and forget about many wires running around their home.

The system is adaptable – the mesh network is highly flexible since you can add more satellites if you want to cover larger areas, if you also want to use a single router it is still possible. This makes the coverage adapt to what you want and the signal becomes better. If you want to deal with areas that do not get good coverage just set up the extenders there and you will be at peace.

Support high demand – for those places that require high usage of wifi like hospitals or surveillance cameras in a large buildings. Such places require high speed and large coverage for the wifi. They should invest in mesh wifi systems all these will be sorted out compared to installing single routers or wires at different places.

Best Smart Home Wi-Fi Systems

Netgear Orbi RBK50 (editor’s choice)

Netgear Orbi RBK50Probably the best home wifi system available in the market. It has a wide range and high speed wifi networks compared to any other wifi router in the market. Though more expensive than many other option available but the quality you get is amazing.
For design it comes as oval tall towers. Netgear Orbi comes with colored LEDs when it lights up white means it is starting and blue means everything is going on well. It transmits three radio frequency transmitting data from the orbi router to the satellite orbi and then back again making your network strong because of the repeaters. At the back it comes with on and off button with also four gigabit Ethernet ports with the one colored in yellow connecting to the modem router. Together with buttons to sync with other satellites and to reset. It support wifi network for many feet away.
You need to prepay for the device, with the set up quiet easy all you have do is connect your PC with Ethernet to the router or your smartphone to the wifi then log into or download the orbi app. You get a one year warranty but with only three months tech support. For your smart home Orbi is compatible with the Amazon Alexa.

How to Install your Orbi WiFi System

Eero Home Wi-Fi System

Eero Home WiFi SystemProbably the longest selling and most common wi-fi mesh network in the market. The best about it is how easy it is to set up.
There is a new model of Eero device which is better than the previous generations. It comes with beacons that are easily plugged into power sources. You can comfortably stream HD quality videos with the wifi speed supporting up to four rooms in a house.
The design of the one router and one satellite is the best with cube shapes. They have white colors with matte finishing at the edges. It comes with five internal antennas to add to the speed.

How to setup your eero WiFi system

Linksys Velop

Linksys VelopIt may be mid range wifi mesh but its performance is awesome. The price point may not be affordable for many but your home will be a very strong wifi zone.
Linksys Velop comes with three components with each having the capability to work as a router or satellite. For the white towers they are well designed able to be hidden into most spaces. Each of the tower lights blue when the connection is okay, yellow when it is not connected to any devices and red when no receiving an internet connection.
It uses the same concept as the Orbi having an on and off power button, three Ethernet ports with one connecting to the modem. With high speeds of up to 2.2 Gbps with the capability of passing the signal from one satellite to the other without the need of going back through the main router.

How to setup Linksys Velop

Google Wifi System

Google Wifi systemFor the best wifi coverage in your home then this is the device. With the features and strong wifi the price is well deserved. Also having the advantage of being cheaper than Velop.
It comes with three similar looking devices, with one as the router and the two as the satellites. Though you need a google account it is very easy to install in your home. But provides wifi brands of 5GHz or 2.4GHz. Placing the satellites at different points will give you the best experience. The system is also compatible with other devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

How to set up Google Wifi System

AmpliFi HD Wifi System

AmpliFi HD Wifi SystemBest for easy installation. It is a good mesh wifi system with good wifi range cover for homes. Easy to install and control through their app.
This mesh network comes with with three cube shaped towers which are perfectly designed. It is suitable for giving strong signals of upto 5.25 Gbps through large spaces and dense walls and floors. There are six internal antennas. Five blue lights showing the strength of the signal on the antenna. Like most the other wi-fi mesh networks it comes with Ethernet ports for connecting other devices and to a wifi router.

Securifi Almond 3

Securifi Almond 3The Almond offers good single routers but as a wi-fi mesh network it is not doing the best at that price point.
It also comes with three devices one acting as the router and the others as extenders. Most suitable for small spaces providing strong wifi connections. For management you can control it from the touch screen on the router, on their app or on their website. The three cube shaped devices are easy to set up but takes a long time for it to start compared to other mesh networks.

Luma Whole Home WiFi

Luma Whole Home WiFiFor the Luma it comes with better security features and web filtering settings. But as compared to top rating devices it still has some improvements to make.
Luma provide an app to help in management and installation of the system. After setting up the three devices at various places you set up an account on their app and your ready to go. The speed is about 50mbps, with also voice commands features available by integrating with Alexa. The security features called Network Secures ensures no one gets into the system. But the web filter does not allow one to block individual websites but into categories of age.

TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System

TP-Link Deco M5Compared to the other mesh networks the TP-Link gives more features. With the ability to provide security against system attack for the whole home network.
Installing it is quiet easy especially on their app, just putting the router and the other satellites at forty feet distance from each other. Web filter is enabled for those who want to restrict some websites, with the company providing also their own antiviruses. The system has great speeds however with network loss on some instances especially on the wifi.

Samsung Smart Home Wi-Fi System

Samsung Smart Home Wi-Fi SystemMany may compare it as a copy of the Google Wifi but it has a uniqueness to it through still having similar features. With an affordable price to it but still strength of the signal is strong.
The Samsung device can be controlled from their app for setting up and managing. But the app offers more with the ability to control more devices in your smart home from Samsung Smarthings technology but also from other companies. With speeds of up to 900mbps this is surely a worthy smart device for your home. The three devices consisting of the router and extenders are white while being one of the light weights available making easy them easy to install anywhere.

Portal Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Portal Mesh Wifi SystemAs a mesh system it does not really provide the best coverage at its price. But the single router works well. Yet does not provide the maximum speed.
The set up as are most of the mesh networks is simple though people have complained about the app compatibility. The speed from the single router is good but it falls when it goes through the satellites though the range of coverage is good. The design is for a small device with curved side,it comes with Ethernet ports and USB ports at the back. Speeds reach up to 1800mbps at the highest. Also parental controls are available for restricting certain websites. Though having a small shape the portal is good for providing good wifi coverage in your home at an affordable price.
As seen Wi-fi Mesh Network is great for every smart home to have. The large coverage will reach every device available at your home. They may be more costly as compared to a single router but the benefits are many. Your home will work efficiently at whatever place. The information above can help you find the best device for you at the price you require.For the best home wifi system you surely require a mesh wifi system. The advantages that come with this technology are many problems of the single routers such as coverage and speed will be all gone. You can do more research online especially on Amazon and see the reviews. However, there are factors you should consider when buying a mesh wifi system.
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